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"Go in peace" 

Do you have peace in you?  If not, please take an action to get it.

How?  Jesus Christ can help you to have real peace in you. Is that possible?

Of course. What methods to be applied?  The answer is "by magic touch" . Magic touch?  Yes, It is by mysterious utterance when Jesus touches your soul. 

Bible Study 

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Do you know who you are?

I mean from your soul's perspective.

You know that you are not a human animal.

But you are a person who has a soul.

Can you see your soul deep inside you?

You can't see it?  Then you need to study Bible.

You see it but it is distressed?  You need soul saving  Bible study. 

I know you studied Bible in past. 

But you only gained a knowledge, a Biblical knowledge that is useless in the time of hardships. Why is that?  Why your Bible knowledge can't be applied to your difficult situations to get it over. When the bible knowledge only touches your mind, it becomes another knowledge. But if it steeps into your soul, then what you learn from the Scriptures works a power into your life. It is called "living by faith". Yes, it is faith that brings a change in you. yes, you need a faith. But the faith is a gift from God. 

Here is a real reason why you need to study Bible to acquire the faith though it is a gift. 

Please call Pastor Peter at 916-955-3657 for an appointment. We will meet at Davis Coworking,

757 Russell Blvd, Davis


 11:30 A.M

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By Pastor Peter 

May 24 2020
April 12 2020

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